Many people rely on coaching centers for civil service exam preparation. Many of the students are waiting for end pandemic. They are expecting the offline classes to begin. No one would get the benefit of offline classes in online. But here I’m explaining why relying on the online tutoring are the best alternative.

Online class

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1. Staying Healthier: It helps us to keep social distancing. Prevent us from the virus.

2. Vaccination: Vaccination doesn’t covered 10% of population of India. It take time to cover the second largest population of the world.

3. The vast syllabus : The syllabus is vast. In India we are facing the second wave of pandemic. A UPSC student can’t wait until the spread is over and start preparation. Preparing for civil service exam is a long process for the majority of the aspirants.

4. To Keep consistency : The possibility of another stronger variant can’t ruled out. The irregular pattern of TPR – Test Positivity Rate – cause irregularity of classes. offline classes may not be as scheduled. Because, according to governments’ regulations offline classes switch to online classes.

5 UPSC doesn’t miss a year : Every year, thousands of civil servants are retiring. So UPSC want to fill it as soon as possible. Last year They conducted the tests of CSE 2020 prelims on October and Mains in January 2021.

6. Universal access : An aspirant isn’t confined to coaching centers in their state capitals. Pandemic triggered majority of civil service institute India go online. But we should be aware of purchasing online classes.

7. Reduced Cost : Online classes are costless than offline. We can save the extra expenses of accommodation and food. Online classes need less infrastructure than offline classes. So course fees reduce. It is a big relief for aspirants struggling of worst economic situations due to pandemic.

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